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Ayurvedic Medical Association UK

The Ayurvedic Medical Association UK  (AMA UK) was formed in 1984 which works with the UK, European Union, Indian and Sri Lankan Governments to protect the interests of the Ayurveda fraternity including the promotion of Ayurveda and all Indian Traditional Sciences.

The main aim of the AMA is to maintain standards of education and training, research and practice, to maintain register of doctors, practitioners and therapists practising Ayurveda in the United Kingdom and to ensure the public of their health and safety at all times, through a voluntary code of practice as enshrined in its constitution.

AMA works closely with the Traditional Medicines sector in UK and abroad to safeguard the interest of Ayurveda and all Indian Traditional Sciences within the structure of support offered by Ministry of AYUSH Government of India, and Ministry of Health, Government of Sri Lanka within the laws of Britain and European Union. 

AMA has been a key supporter of Save Herbal Medicine campaign since its inception in 2009 with regular meetings in the Houses of Parliament, where members of the public together with Ayurveda and Yoga fraternity have enjoyed the support of All Party Parliamentary Group – Indian Traditional Sciences. The AMA is committed to promote Ayurveda and integrate its safe practice into the national health service.


AMA is the oldest Ayurveda organisation in Great Britain. Its mission is to sustain, develop and improve Ayurveda science and its practices.
It continues to protect and promote this ancient Indian Traditional Science discipline/philosophy and share it with those who seek its wisdom

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